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Many years ago, my wife Cathy and I discovered the Wine Country of Amador County and it was love at first taste! We had been to many of the  major wine regions California has to offer including Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles, Santa Ynez and Temecula. We had thought about eventually retiring near one of those areas. However, many of these wine regions were inundated with people, over commercialized and had expensive wine tasting fees. Because the Wine Country of Amador County has none of these drawbacks, we purchased some land in Volcano, California for a future retirement home.

Over the years a funny thing happened. We kept coming up from southern California to visit “our dirt” as we call it and of course, the many wonderful wineries and the quaint Gold Country towns more and more frequently making friends along the way. One day,  it dawned on us that we did not have to wait for retirement to live in this special place. So Cathy and I left metropolitan Los Angeles to reside full time in Sutter Creek, California in order to follow our passion for the wines and the Wine Country of Amador County while spreading the word, as it were, to our friends and anyone else who would listen. Cathy, a licensed attorney left the practice of law entirely while I currently split my time between Gold Country Wine Tours and  practicing law out of Sacramento. Together Cathy and I created  Gold Country Wine Tours as a way to share our love of this truly special place with others.  It is a place steeped in history, a place surrounded by natural beauty, and a place having outstanding wineries that year in and year out create some of the most delicious wines in all of California.

Allow us to share with you our passion. Let’s have some fun together as we explore this unique Wine Country within Gold Country!

Kirk Neiberger and Cathy Patrenos

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