Tarps provide shade for guests out front of Andis Wines.

One of the incredible benefits of living within this wine country located in Amador County is that many of our local wineries recognize and celebrate many holidays, Mother’s Day, included.

Cathy enjoys vineyard views.

This year, Cathy and I decided to spend this special day at Andis Wines nestled within the gorgeous Shenandoah Valley in Plymouth, Ca. Their Mother’s Day Brunch was held inside their cool and spacious Barrel Room. Andrew Friedlander and Janice Akuna, owners of this modern state of the art winery were on hand to greet their arriving guests. 

Janis Akuna, Co-owner of Andis Wines.

This event was first class from start to finish. We were quickly supplied with Andis Sparkling Wine to enjoy which was crisp, light and refreshing. Cathy and I sat outside under the shade provided by several white canvas ship sail shaped tarpaulins  strung to large metal poles. We sipped our Sparkling Wine overlooking the surrounding rows of lush green vineyards stretching out into the valley’s floor. As we relaxed soaking in the ambiance, a friendly voice beckoned us to the Barrel Room to start our brunch. In the Barrel Room, we were first offered delicious appetizers of Delta Asparagus in crispy puff pastry served with a zesty hollandaise sauce for dipping and Spicy Special Tomato Jam on Polenta Pillow along with several selections of Artisan Baked Rolls. After the appetizers, bottles of 2011 Andis Sauvignon Blanc and 2011 Andis Rose were brought to each table to pair with the main brunch dishes. The 2011 Andis Rose was the overall favorite at our table. It stood up nicely to the phenomenal Chesapeake Bay Crab Souffle and Farmer’s Ham & Asiago Cheese Bread Pudding. The 2011 Andis Rose wine has the aroma and taste of strawberry, watermelon with a hint of cherry. I found to be very refreshing and pleasantly linger on my palate. It would be great on a hot Summer day! The Brunch ended with a trio of bite size desert morsels which we savored with the last of our Sparkling wine.  For more information on Andis Wines, check out their website at . This Blog has been brought to you by Amador’s Premier Wine Tour Company, Gold Country Wine Tours

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  1. Steve Roth says:

    Wow. What a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day. You’re so lucky to be living in such a beautiful place… the best kept secret in the wine world… the Shenandoah Valley!

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