Paul Scotto happily pours his wine for two guests.

Sera Fina Cellars is located in what has become known as the “West End” of Amador County’s burgeoning wine country. Situated on Latrobe Rd., just off Highway 16 in Plymouth, Ca., it is the furthest western Amador winery you will encounter as you enter this wine region coming from Sacramento on Highway 16. Sera Fina Cellars recently celebrated its two year anniversary having opened for the “Behind the Cellar Door” weekend in 2010.


Paul Scotto, owner and winemaker brings a youthful enthusiasm and exuberance to his wine making. Paul grew up around wineries, wine and wine making, but it wasn’t until his high school math teacher (knowing his family’s background) suggested that he apply to UC Davis Viticulture and Enology program, that he decided that wine making was what he wanted to do with his life. ” My favorite thing about wine making is the art of blending my wines in search of balance, consistency and great taste,” says Paul. His winery’s motto, “Relax, You’re at Sera Fina,” underscores his winery’s focus. “I want to show our guests a good time and to feel welcome coming here to wine taste or just simply hang out,” explained Paul. Wine members of his winery are known as “La Famiglia,” Italian for “The Family.”

Paul wants his guests to have fun and relax.

His family is another important part of this winery as his father helps out as a wine consultant and his sister helps with wine distribution. He has also carried over a family tradition (a special wine blend) dating back to 1948 which he describes as, “an old Italian style red jug wine” which he now calls Vino Rustico. In homage to its tradition, Paul uses the same “Villa Armanda” wine label that his Great Uncle designed and used for this wine blend which simply describes its contents as “Mellow Red Wine.”

Sera Fina's Tasting Room

Paul was drawn to Amador County to open his wine tasting room because of a 30 year old friendship between his family and Allen Kreutzer, owner and winemaker of nearby Drytown Cellars. “Amador’s wine country has the feel of what Napa must have felt like 40 years ago with visitors actually being able to meet the winemakers and owners of the wineries,” says Paul. This is why you can often find Paul in his tasting room on most Saturdays to greet his guests.

This winery has a selection of red wines that you would expect from an Amador winery including; Zinfandel, Barbera, Syrah and Primitivo. When pressed Paul admits, “The Barbera is probably my favorite of the reds.” Sera Fina also has several white wines including Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and Malvasia Blanca. His Malvasia Blanca wine is a grape varietal which is thought to have originated in ancient Greece. Paul describes it as a “Sexy Moscato.” It has flora and ginger aromas and a crisp refreshing sweetness that one might first associate with only a dessert wine, however it would likely pair quite well with spicy dishes such as Thai cuisine. For more information on Sera Fina Cellars check out their website at

Paul Scotto, owner & winemaker infront of his young vineyard of Primitivo, Barbera, Malbec & Sangiovese vines.

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